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Graduation Requirements

BCHS Graduation with parentsStudents who enrolled in the ninth grade after the 2013-2014 school-year shall meet the graduation requirements specified in this rule and the assessment requirements specified in Rule 160-3-1-.07 Testing Programs- Student Assessment.  To register for school students and parents need to contact Whitney Monetti, BCHS Registrar, at 229.263.8923 ext. 6003.

Students are required to earn at least one pathway in Career, Technical, and Agricultural (CTAE) or Arts and Humanities or Modern Language as a componet of the program of study to meet the graduation requirements for a high school diploma.  Additional Graduation Test requirements must also be met.

Two credits of Modern Language are strongly suggested if you would like to pursue a university (college) ready diploma.  Upon entering the 9th grade or Brooks County High School students and parents will sign a career plan to acknowledge all graduation requirements and expectations have been explained and understood.

Students who plan to attend college or a university are encouraged to earn 1 elective unit of credit in a SAT/ACT Preparatory course before taking the SAT/ACT.

Completion of diploma requirements does not necessarily qualify students for admission to The University System of Georgia institutions or other post-secondary institutions.  Students and parents should check specific requirements of post-secondary institutions of interest.

Areas of Study- Units Required:

English/Language Arts* 4
Mathematics* 4
Science* 4
The 4th Science unit may be used to meet both the science and
pathway requirement but may only count for 1 unit of credit.
Social Studies* 3.5 (Includes 1/2 unit of economics)
CTAE or Modern Language/Latin or Fine Arts 3
Health and Physical Education* 1
Electives 8.5
Total Units (Minimum)
*Required Courses and/or Core Courses  
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