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Welcome to Quitman Elementary- QES is where Quality Education Starts!

Quitman Elementary opened its doors in 1992 as this county’s largest elementary school and still remains the largest elementary school in our system. Our school is located at 2200 Moultrie Hwy. There arecurrently 55 certified teachers on staff, two administrators, one technology technician, counselor, academic coach, nurse, and 12 classified paraprofessionals that work diligently each day with our students. Our janitorial team has six members and our cafeteria crew has ten team players. Our school serves a population of approximately 740 students, pre-kindergarten through grade 5. We are a diverse community of learners with a wide range of backgrounds and income levels. Quitman Elementary is one of four Title One schools in our system. Over one hundred students receive additional tutoring and small group help through this program. Gifted and talented services as well as special education services are offered to all qualifying students. At QES students are engaged in enrichments and interventions, based upon their own individual formative data, in order to grow academically. Please view school as a priority, and see to it that your child attends every day except in cases of illness or emergency. Students learn by example; that is, if parents value education and educational routines, their child may very well do the same.

To foster and encourage student pride in academics a Spirit Committee created this year’s theme “We are on the Winning Team at QES.” To incorporate our theme, school wide teams for each grade level were formed.  Our Pre-K students and teachers are the “Pee-Wee” League”, Kindergarten and First Grade students and teachers are the “Midget League” ; Second Grade students and teachers are our Little League; Third Grade students and teachers are the “Minor League” ; Fourth Grade students and teachers represent the “Junior Varsity League”; and our Fifth Grade students and teachers are the “Varsity Team.” As we focus on the new common core standards we are setting high goals and expectations for all our students. Performance is recognized weekly in reading comprehension as the students strive to have the highest percentage of passing scores on a reading comprehension cold read. The winning class gets to autograph a sports ball. Each nine weeks a different ball is used (1st nine weeks: football; 2nd nine weeks: soccer ball; 3rd nine weeks: basketball; 4th nine weeks: baseball). At the end of the nine weeks the class who has signed the ball the most times earns the “Reading Champions” Trophy to display in the room for a nine weeks period.


ALL Schools in this district participate in Cep (Community Eligibility Provision). This Means that All students in the Brooks County Schools eat at no cost

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