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Accelerated Reader

This page will explain how to access the library holdings current available at Quitman Elementary and the list of titles available for Accelerated Reader Quizzes.

Library Listing

To access our library online and see the titles available please do the following:

  1. Go to the Brooks County Homepage

  2. Click here

  3. Go to the Quitman Elelmentary Library page

  4. From here you can search the collection

Accelerated Reader

Many of our library books are not AR. Click on the link below to see a listing of titles, levels, and points.

Click here to view the Accelerated Reader list!  Have fun reading!!    

  ** You will need to have Adobe to read this file. For a free dowload visit the Adobe site here.

If your child is interested in reading a specific title, but that title is not in our collection, you are welcome to borrow a copy from any library with which you are affiliated, or even to purchase a copy.

To ensure your child has a chance to take an AR test and do well, please help in the following ways:

  1.  Find a book that is on their level and that they are interested in - Even an easy book is hard if they are not engaged with the text.

  2. Read the book at least twice, sometimes more - especially in the lower grades.

  3. Talk about the story - not just simple questions where the information is right there in the text, but also those questions that may not have a right answer only one that is more correct.

    • Example: How do you think she felt? Why did that happen?
  4. Send a note to school

    • Title of book, author, dates and number of times read
  5. For older students who have much larger books, it is hard to read them more than once. Some strategies are as follows: 

    • At the end of each chapter make a note of characters, events, problems, solutions, main idea, and setting.
      • Make a note of ideas, words, situations they are not sure about and discuss them.
    • Write a one paragraph summary.
    • Use these notes to study when they are finished.

The Accelerated Reader Incentives

Each grade level has a set number of points they must reach in order to gain their awards. Additionally, they need to remain above 80%.





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